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Artis Chan (陳世光)


自幼熱愛中國功夫, 少年時在香港跟隨叔父 陳漢宗 學習洪拳及在 YWCA武術中心學習 詠春拳.

( 陳漢宗師傅 師承洪拳宗師 黃飛鴻 入室弟子 林世榮,  陳師傅曾任多屆香港中國國術總會主席, 學生遍播多個國家, 在香港國術屆響負盛名, 现任香港中國國術龍狮總會正副主席及多間武術學院主理人均是他的徒生 )


Artis 移民加國已有二十多年, 從2009年開始跟隨 丁建平 老師學習太極拳

丁老師 是上海體育學院硕士, 中國武術國家一级裁判, 中國全國太極拳

錦標赛亞軍, 多屆加拿大太極拳, 推手比赛冠軍 ) 


Artis 是德健會的創辦人及總教練, 該會在2015年成立,經政府註册為一非弁利團體, 開始在多倫多社區推廣太極拳和健身氣功等有益身心的運動, 以服務大衆為目的.

Artis 榮獲 加拿大中國國術總會 CCKSF

邀請加入為會員 及 2018年委任為武術教練

Artis 曾經參加過多屆美國、加拿大 中國等地方國際級比賽,並獲得獎項包括有 金, 銀, 銅 獎牌共13面 :


- 2012年第二屆中國山東大青山洪均生國際太極拳暨養生國際交流大賽 :


              個人項目:陳式太極拳 - 金牌  

                                 陳式太極劍 - 銅牌                    


- 2012年第一期美國纽約健身氣功美洲教練員培訓班畢業


- 2013年第二期健身氣功美洲教練員培訓班畢業


- 2013年加拿大太極公開錦標賽 ( 獲10大成績優異運動員殊榮 )


              團體項目:太極拳 -         銀牌

                                 兵器 -             銅牌

              個人項目:陳式太極拳 - 銅牌

                                 兵器 -             銅牌


- 2013年第五屆美國纽約國際健身氣功交流比賽大會健身氣功功法 及



- 2013年第五屆美國纽約國際健身氣功交流比賽大會 : 


              團體項目:易筋經 - 金牌

                                 五禽戲 - 金牌

              個人項目:易筋經 - 銀牌 

                                 八段錦 - 銅牌


- 2014年  加拿大太極公開錦標賽:


              團體項目:楊式32太極劍 -                銅牌

              個人項目:陳式太極拳     -                銀牌

                                 國際競賽套路42太極劍 - 銅牌

- 2014年 第一屆多倫多健身氣功交流比賽大會, 被邀請為大會比赛裁判

- 2014年至今   北约華人浸信會委任為太極班導師

- 2015年至今   多倫多華人基督教教會金龄薈委任為養生班及太極劍班導師


- 2015年至今  德健會 養生健身氣功班 及 太極班導師

- 2016年至今  萬民衛斯理社區中心委任為養生健身氣功班及太極劍班導師

- 2018年至今  加拿大中國國術總會 CCKSF 委任為武術教練

- 2018年 加拿大中國國術總會第二十八屆加拿大全國功夫大赛裁判

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Artis Chan


Artis has been addicted to Chinese martial arts. When he was young in Hong Kong he learned Hung Quan from his uncle Master Chan Hon Chung (who was student of Master Lam Sai Wing - a chief student of Hung Quan pathfinder Master Wong Fei Hung).  Artis also learned Wing Chun Quan as well. 


Artis has been immigrated to Canada more than 20 years ,  in 2009 he became a student of Master Frank Ding (who received his Master degree of Shanghai Physical Education Institute, First grade of Chinese Wushu national referee, Silver medalist at Chinese national Taiji Competition, Gold medalist for many years at Canadian Open Taiji Championships


Artis is the founder and chief Instructor of Artis Wellness Organization, which was established in 2015 as a nonprofit Organization in Toronto. The mission is to serve the community by promoting Tai Chi and Health Qigong, in order to help people enhance their physical and mental health.

Artis was invited with honour to join The Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation and also appointed to be the instructor in Chinese Martial Acts in Canada

Artis began learning and practicing Taiji Quan since he has improved his skills and techniques, over the years he participated in national and international competitions of Taiji and Health Qigong. He has gained totally 13 of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and honours :



-2012 The 2nd Daqingshan Hong Junsheng International Taiji Quan Conference and Competition in China –


                                            Personal Competition:-   Chen Style Taiji Quan   – Gold Award

                                                                                           Chen Style Taiji Sword – Bronze Award


-2012 Graduate of the 1st Health Qigong Seminar for American Instructors in USA, and also obtained The Chinese Health                        Qigong Techniques and Technical degree.


-2013 Graduate of the 2nd Health Qigong Seminar for American Instructors in Toronto.


-2013 Canadian Taiji Open Championships: ( Be selected as one of the TOP TEN High Scorers Athletes )


                                             Group Competition:-      Chen Style Taiji Quan – Silver Award

                                                                                           Short Weapon – Bronze Award

                                             Personal Competition:- Chen Style Taiji Quan – Bronze Award

                                                                                           Short Weapon – Bronze Award


-2013  Graduation awarded by International Referees during the 5th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange in             New York, USA.


-2013 The 5th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange in New York, USA:


                                               Group Competition:-       Yi Jin Jing  –    Gold Award

                                                                                             Wu Qin Xi     Gold Award

                                               Personal Competition:-  Yi Jin Jing  –    Silver Award

                                                                                             Ba Duan Jin – Bronze Award


-2014 Canadian Taiji Open Championships:


                                               Group Competition:-        Yang Style 32 Taiji Sword – Bronze Award

                                               Personal Competition:-   Chen style Taiji Quan -  Silver Award

                                                                                               42 Taiji Sword Intl. Competition Form – Bronze Award

- 2014 With honour be invited as the judge of The 1st Toronto Health Qigong Tournament + Exchange

- 2014-now   Instructor of Tai Chi Classes at North York Chinese Baptist Church

- 2015-now   Instructor of Wellness Exercise and Tai Chi Sword Classes at Toronto Christian Community Church

- 2015-now    Instructor of Health Qigong and Tai Chi Classes of Artis Wellness Organization at All Saint's Church

- 2016-now   Instructor of Health Qigong and Tai Chi Sword Classes at Markham Wesley Centre

- 2018-now   instructor in Chinese Martial Acts in Canada of The Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation

- 2018 The judge of 28th Annual Canadian National Kung Fu Championship 

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